Jay and Ryanne are both ex-television producers and editors who were born anew into the videoblogging world in 2004. Ryanne is the Co-Author of Secrets of Videoblogging. Jay is the Co-Author of Extreme Tech: Videoblogging. Both are the Co-Producers of Pixelodeon: The Annual Independent Video Festival, Vloggercon: International Videoblogging Conference and NODE101: Open Source Videoblogging Education and Resources.

We have worked with:

We are experts at producing a variety of video projects, many of which are custom created for each organization. Examples below show that we produce short documentaries, activist campaign videos, live streaming of events and the management of all session documentation for large conferences.


cc-sa photo by Drupal Association

For Drupalcon we record up to nine simultaneous speakers, five sessions a day, for three to four days straight. These 100+ videos are processed and uploaded within hours so people around the world can participate in the conference. This helps create a community archive linking their past discussions to future events.

Livestreaming Events

Connecting communities in realtime. We have live streamed events for organizations who need to get their message out and communicate to a wider participatory audience.

ICNC: The Threat to Democracy in Maldives

Most interviews shot with Panasonic GH1 and Sennheiser Wireless mic. Edited using Creative Commons photos and footage in Final Cut X.

Rainforest Action Network

Shot over 2 days using the Panasonic DVX-100B and Sennheiser Wireless mic. Edited over 2 weeks using extensive RAN video/photo archives.

Sunlight Foundation : Making Government Transparent

Shot over a period of 2 days using the Panasonic DVX-100B, Xacti and Sennheiser Wireless mic. Edited using Final Cut Pro and Motion for compositing.

Red Wiggler Community Farm, Clarksburg Maryland

Shot in one day using the Panasonic GH1, Zoom Audio and Sennheiser Wireless mic. Edited and posted online in under 24 hours.